Tips to Make Fragrant Always Room

The rooms are comfortable, not just clean from dust and dirt but also fragrant refreshing. But the pile of old books, dirty clothes and trash paper can cause stuffy and musty smell in the room.

Atmosphere messy rooms and various piles of stuff would make you uncomfortable. Do not just complain! Immediately got out of bed, clean the rooms thoroughly and neatly.

As quoted from Helium, here’s a great way to create clean and fragrant.

1. Clean the room from dust at least once a week. Starting from the top, like get rid of the dust on the ceiling, dirt on the fan, the shelves, the top of the picture frame or a variety of ornaments that are placed near the wall. Then clean the tables, chest of drawers also ottoman bed. New clean the floors and under-under the bed, under the table and shelves. Clean up starting from the top to the bottom of the room will ensure maximum room clean from dust.

2. Remove all trash from your room and clean the drawer / shelf of items that are not used. That way, your room is so much easier to set up and smell fresher. Accumulate too much stuff makes rooms look ‘shabby’ and smelled musty. While cleaning, set the angle to separate papers or unused letters that have not been discarded. In the corner, you can put the trash. Should you pass through that area frequently and easily accessible (behind the door, or side table).

3. Wash sheets, pillowcases and blankets once a week. Use detergent and fabric softener with a refreshing floral scent, like lavender, lilac or musk. Scent of fabric softener, will make your room clean so you always feel relaxed and comfortable in it.

4. Make sure the air circulation in your room is going well. Open the windows every morning. Cool wind and the fresh morning air, get rid of damp and smelly rooms were dreadful.

5. Use natural room fragrances safer than synthetic fragrances. For example, dried flowers wrapped in gauze or cloth soaked bundles of aromatherapy oils. Make some fruit and put it in the corner of the bed, near the window, door and side fan.

6. When you smell a bad odor in the room, you can remove it with a small bag containing baking soda. Place in an area that stores shoes, dirty laundry or trash.

7. Choose a basket with holes to put dirty clothes. Hole in the basket will not make clothes damp and minimize the spread of odor.