Tips Decorate Home with Paint Walls

In addition to furniture, carpets or ornaments, decorate your house can also be done through the creation of the wall paint. The choice of colors for the walls can affect the look and style of the room you want. Not only that, the use of patterns and textures with different paint colors can add interesting accents to your room.

The selection of colors and patterns should be adjusted to the desired impression of the room. Want more memorable room was spacious, comfortable or cool, can be realized with the use of the right paint. Here are tips that you can try, as quoted from the nest.

1. Looks Smoking Area
If you want a house or a small room appear larger, use pale colors that can reflect light. You can also choose cool colors such as blue, green or purple to add depth and the impression of the room more open.
To present the impression the room is longer, add a horizontal line motif, while for a room seem taller choose vertical stripes motif.

2. Looks Comfortable Rooms
Paint the walls white to make the room look cool. Add texture to warm the room and cover up stains or cracks on the wall. You can try out the texture with a sponge-like effect using two colors of paint. In a white room, try using two colors of the same tone, but in a different color levels (eg red rose, or dark blue with light blue) adjacent to the wall.
You also can create a good impression in the room with yellow paint, brown or dark red.

3. Non Looks Cool
If you want to mix and match a few items for interior decoration, choose matching colors for floors, carpets, ornate desk / wall, vases and furniture. This technique creates atmosphere of the room decor is minimalist and modern.

Create a line pattern on the wall around the room with different sizes for decoration more ‘catchy’ and unique. Combine two or three colors at once. For example, dusty blue colored walls will look more attractive with brown stripes motif and cream color combination.