Tips Create Atmosphere Warm & Cozy Home

‘Sweet Home’, maybe two words that sound corny. But we are supposed to feel comfortable and happy in their own homes. Imagine if after the home office, do you find is the room without any embellishment or decoration, with makeshift furniture.

Why not create an atmosphere that makes your home look warm, cozy and inviting you to relax in it? Quoted from the Times of India, these home decorating tips to make it look warm and cozy.

1. Starting from Basics
re-use old stuff and order minimum. Apply three concepts for managing all areas of your home.

2. Set Seat
Create a comfortable area to sit. Place the soft pillows and gently over your sofa. Wear a pillowcase with attractive colors and patterns, but not too crowded, the atmosphere so that the house looks cozy and inviting people to visit.

3. ‘Decorate’ Floor
The floor can also make a difference in your home. Change the look of the room by holding a carpet or rug in one area on the floor. You can put it under the seat and a coffee table, or next to the bed. Wool carpets neutral colors give the impression of comfortable, while the velvet carpet with gold embroidery gives the impression of luxury. Choose according to your taste.

4. Choose the Right Bed Sheet
Treat your eyes and your body with a comfortable bed sheets, also pleasing to the eye. Nothing wrong with buying bed sheets with the price a little expensive for the investment. Buy a set of bed sheets with pillow cases, blankets and bed covers for bedroom interior harmony.

5. Choose Favorite Angle
You need to think about particular favorite area just for you, where you can read a book quietly, listening to music or just want to enjoy a cup of tea.

Create a small room as comfortable as possible. Place the chair / sofa is your favorite picture of your friend or beloved family member, favorite books or your favorite items to another. Give adequate lighting, not too bright or dim, and select the area near the window so that fresh air can enter.