Relieve Toothache Do It With Drugs

No one who wants to experience pain, regardless of its form. But for one reason or another, the pain was present on the body. One of the diseases were quite mild but annoying toothache. It was not anything to eat was delicious, not to mention when touched, the pain can spread to the head end.

Toothache medication is often taken to relieve pain quickly. But in fact, taking chemical drugs are too often not a good move. For that, check out some of the following ways a more natural way to relieve tooth pain without using medication.

Ice cube
Maybe you are confused, how ice cubes can help relieve a toothache? The cold alone makes your teeth ache. Try to take a small piece of ice and place it between your index finger and thumb. Massage gently in part, and feel the pain of your teeth are slowly fading. Massage with ice touches the center of the nerve cells located around the thumb and forefinger, so that 60-90% of pain you are feeling quickly disappeared.

1 clove minced garlic, then sprinkle a little salt. Chewing on the sore area, soon the pain in your teeth will gradually disappear. You may also use it as therapy to strengthen the bone structure of the teeth.

Not only garlic, onion turns also able to ease the pain in the teeth. Content enzyme in onions may help kill nasty germs in the mouth.

Try squeezed lime juice, then on the aching tooth spoonful after spoonful every 10 minutes until the juice runs out. Beside rich in vitamin C, orange juice also acts as a pain reliever on your teeth.

Clove oil
You already know that the clove is one of the constituent composition of cigarettes. But unlike the cloves, clove oil extract is very effective to save your teeth from feeling pain attacks. It’s easy, just apply clove oil on the affected parts of your teeth with the help of cotton.

Not intended for direct consumption of salt, as you must already know the salty taste. However, the taste of salt contains iodine is high so as to relieve the pain in the tooth. You can sprinkle salt in a glass of warm mineral water, stir and then use water to rinse. Gargle at least until you feel comfortable enough and tooth pain subsided.

Simple, is not it? Good luck!