Saving Tips in the Kitchen Cabinet Items

Reluctant to linger in the kitchen because the rooms were cluttered and cramped impressed? Maybe it’s time you re-arrange your kitchen. The first thing you can do is adjust the placement of the items in the cabinet.

Tips from eHow quoted may help you simplify the kitchen to make it more neat and organized. Activity in the kitchen became more comfortable.

1. If your kitchen consists of a kitchen set with more than one cabinet, ranging from the end of the cabinet. Remove all contents from the cabinet.

2. Determine, what would you put in the cabinet first. Is eating utensils, cooking utensils, food or cleaning supplies? You must classify the goods in each cabinet. For example, the first special cabinet for glassware and a second cabinet for food.

3. Examine goods and groceries you have to spend. Check if any items were damaged and cracked, or food that has expired. Should immediately get rid of the goods or foods that are not suitable to be used to save space. Continue reading “Saving Tips in the Kitchen Cabinet Items”

7 Ornamental Plants Toxic Air Vacuum

Ornamental plants was not only useful to beautify the interior and exterior of the house. Certain plants, can protect you and your family from home health hazards pollutants.

All you need to know, air pollution not only threatens the health of our time outside, but also inside the house. There are several types of harmful air gases (pollutants) are lodged in the room at home and potentially cause health problems.

Formaldehyde, volatile organic compunds, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, pesticides and disinfectants are many pollutants that are in the house. These pollutants can cause ‘sick building syndrome’, which causes a variety of diseases such as allergies, headaches, fatigue and even cancer and death.

NASA scientists have discovered a number of plants that can be used as a powerful weapon to combat air pollution, making the room air cleaner. Not only at home, but also buildings and offices. This is her kind of ornamental plants ‘vacuum’ can poison you put in the house, as quoted from Earth Easy.
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4 Color Ideas for Your Home Kitchen

During this time, the kitchen is not the color of the house is often considered. Now is the time for you to change it. Color can affect the mood of the room so that people feel comfortable being there.

For the kitchen, the color should still be adjusted with the color of another room in the house. The color that could make residents should relax, feel inspired and spirit.

Here are four colors for your kitchen as quoted from eHow:

1. Warm colors

Usually the warm colors used on the walls that are not too wide. Examples of warm colors is red. But do not use too much red as this color can lead to feeling tired. To be more tender, mix these colors with white or brown.

In addition to red, orange and yellow also includes warm colors. Warm colors are suitable for kitchen design with traditional country style. For kitchens with modern design, use a lighter color. Continue reading “4 Color Ideas for Your Home Kitchen”

Know the Benefits and Risks of Caffeine on the Body

Some people have the notion that caffeine is a substance that should be mandatory before they consume the daily routine. By providing the intake of these substances, the body will feel more refreshed and can eventually focus on completing the jobs at hand. Therefore, not a few people who started the day by sipping a cup of coffee in the morning.

This assumption is not entirely wrong. In some studies, caffeine shown to improve the performance of the human brain that can help us to work optimally. But until now, there is still the assumption that caffeine actually pose a risk to human health and can cause death, when taken at high doses.

But what exactly is the caffeine in coffee and the majority of energy drinks? Reaction to what happens to the body when we drink caffeinated drinks high doses regularly? Here are some answers to a statement quoted by Andrea Giancoli and Michael Jacobson, two health professionals from the United States.

Body’s reaction to caffeine
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Bad Habits That Can Damage Brain

The brain is the most important organ in the human body. If your brain is healthy, it will encourage the health of your body and your mental health support. Conversely, if your brain is interrupted, then your body and your mental health can be disrupted.

Because the function is very important, it helps you avoid some of the bad habits that can negatively impact your brain.

Not Want Breakfast

Many people underestimate the breakfast. Though not consume anything in the morning cause a drop in blood sugar. This resulted in a lack of nutrient inputs to the brain which eventually ended in the brain deterioration. Best breakfast in the morning is not a heavy food like fried rice special, but enough water and a glass of fresh fruit juice. Compact and useful for the body!

Mostly Eating

Too much eating harden the brain vessels that usually leads to the decline of mental power. So eat a normal portion. Familiarize yourself with how to resist to stop eating before you’re stuffed. Continue reading “Bad Habits That Can Damage Brain”

Relieve Toothache Do It With Drugs

No one who wants to experience pain, regardless of its form. But for one reason or another, the pain was present on the body. One of the diseases were quite mild but annoying toothache. It was not anything to eat was delicious, not to mention when touched, the pain can spread to the head end.

Toothache medication is often taken to relieve pain quickly. But in fact, taking chemical drugs are too often not a good move. For that, check out some of the following ways a more natural way to relieve tooth pain without using medication.

Ice cube
Maybe you are confused, how ice cubes can help relieve a toothache? The cold alone makes your teeth ache. Try to take a small piece of ice and place it between your index finger and thumb. Massage gently in part, and feel the pain of your teeth are slowly fading. Massage with ice touches the center of the nerve cells located around the thumb and forefinger, so that 60-90% of pain you are feeling quickly disappeared.
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In Natural Medicines Ulcer Disease

Ulcer disease is a disease caused by overproduction of acid in the stomach that causes irritation / cuts on gastric mucous membrane. Acid in the stomach is needed to help prepare and digest the food we eat. But when the acid production in the stomach too extravagant matter cause ulcer disease. Ulcer disease may be due to pattern our lives are not healthy and not place such as irregular eating, food too spicy and oily smoke, drink coffee / alcohol, stress even be one of the factors causing an ulcer.

Ulcer disease suffered by many busy people have high, so the pattern of life and irregular eating. Ulcer disease can be detected by its characteristics ie stomach feels bloated, nausea to vomiting, pain in the pit, often burping, quickly feel full and hungry. Continue reading “In Natural Medicines Ulcer Disease”

Ingredients In A Positive on Tuna Fish

The high selling tuna, fish the most requested and was stolen from the ocean Indonesia, because it tastes delicious. In addition, much of the nutrients that can nourish and educate adult children.

Sources of Vitamins

Vitamin content in tuna, particularly bluefin kind very high, reaching 2.183 IU. Consumption of 100 grams of bluefin tuna enough to meet 43.6 percent of the body’s vitamin A each day. Vitamin A is very good for the maintenance of epithelial cells, increased immunity, growth, vision, and reproduction.

Tuna is also a good source of vitamin B6 and folic acid. World’s Health Rating of The George Mateljan Foundation classifies B6 tuna into the category of very good because it has a high nutrient density, reaching 6.7 (very good class boundary is 3.4 to 6.7).

Vitamin B6 with folic acid can lower homocysteine ​​levels. Homocysteine ​​is a component of intermediate products produced during the methylation process. Homostein very harmful to the arteries and the potential to cause heart disease. Although tuna contain cholesterol, the levels are quite low compared to other animal food. Cholesterol levels in tuna fish 38-45mg per 100g of meat. Continue reading “Ingredients In A Positive on Tuna Fish”

Know More About Marijuana Plants

Controversy about the movement of some communities to Legalize marijuana in the country Often Appear in the news lately. Then, on the basis of Whether they do it? Here’s his review.

Marijuana, or cannabis sativa in Latin called and commonly called marijuana, is a fiber-producing plant cultivation. However, more commonly known as marijuana content in the seeds, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), roomates can make the wearer experience euforia, ie prolonged pleasure without cause. Marijuana plants are Usually made into a marijuana cigarette.

Crops this height can reach 2 meters. Become Leafy with male and female flowers on different plants there (married two). The flowers are small at the end of the branch. Marijuana grows only in tropical mountains with an altitude above 1.000 meters above sea level.

Marijuana became a symbol of the hippie culture ever popular in United States. Usually it is denoted by the distinctive shape of marijuana leaves. In addition, marijuana and opium is also touted as a symbol of resistance against globalism currents forced the capitalist countries against developing countries. Continue reading “Know More About Marijuana Plants”

Playing Soccer Can Cause Brain Disorders

Sports is one activity that is needed by the body to maintain health and fitness in daily routine. However, exercise can be a very interesting hobby for some people and one of the sports that quite cultivated as a hobby by many people is football, a sport that is touted as the most popular worldwide.

In addition to healthful, football can also be one of a very exciting activity, especially when played with close friends while running a small competition. Sure it will be fun. But in addition to its positive, football proved to have adverse effects on the human brain.

In some studies, we certainly have often heard that a professional football player at risk for severe brain injury. This can happen because of the high frequency of the players use their heads for the ball. In addition, the duel-duel in the air too often end in clashes head that could have resulted in a mild concussion or severe concussion.

However, in a study led by Dr. Inga K. Koerte from Harvard Medical School in Boston, researchers found that the brains of football players will still be affected, even if they have never experienced a clash of heads with other players. Continue reading “Playing Soccer Can Cause Brain Disorders”