Let’s Save Water Consumption at Home

Clean water is now so scarce, in the world. Some experts, as reported by Reuters states, clean water crisis will be the biggest challenge for all people in the world in the decades to come.

Water crisis due to population increases, thus increasing the need for water. Not to mention the extreme climate change and global warming as well as a lifestyle that is not environmentally friendly.

Therefore, it is important to conserve water consumption from now. Movement of water savings can be started from your own home. Give direction to each member of the family to implement the habit of saving water by this means, as quoted from eHow.

1. Check if there is water in the kitchen faucet, toilet or other place that is leaking. If there is, do not leave it too long because every drop of water is wasted. Immediately call a technician to fix it, or you can fix that yourself.

2. Replace old toilet toilet toilet equipped with a flush. Without a flush toilet is less efficient and requires more water, at least three gallons to flush the dirt from the toilet. Models with flush toilet might be worth a little expensive, but will save more water.

3. When watering the yard, you should install an irrigation system or automatic water sprinklers planted underground. The system will direct water flow to all parts of the page. So more water efficient than the water it with a scoop or hose. Do it in the morning or at night, because during the day, so the water easily evaporates more water needed for crops.

4. A shower (shower) spent less water than a shower or a bath tub with a scoop. Bath with shower for five minutes, just spend an average of 10 to 25 gallons. While bathing in the bath tub spend almost 70 gallons.

5. When washing dishes, fill a pot filled with water to rinse. Rinse the soap or detergent in the pan more efficient use of water than the water flowing from the tap.