Know More About Marijuana Plants

Controversy about the movement of some communities to Legalize marijuana in the country Often Appear in the news lately. Then, on the basis of Whether they do it? Here’s his review.

Marijuana, or cannabis sativa in Latin called and commonly called marijuana, is a fiber-producing plant cultivation. However, more commonly known as marijuana content in the seeds, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), roomates can make the wearer experience euforia, ie prolonged pleasure without cause. Marijuana plants are Usually made into a marijuana cigarette.

Crops this height can reach 2 meters. Become Leafy with male and female flowers on different plants there (married two). The flowers are small at the end of the branch. Marijuana grows only in tropical mountains with an altitude above 1.000 meters above sea level.

Marijuana became a symbol of the hippie culture ever popular in United States. Usually it is denoted by the distinctive shape of marijuana leaves. In addition, marijuana and opium is also touted as a symbol of resistance against globalism currents forced the capitalist countries against developing countries.

In India, most of Sadhu who worship the god Shiva uses marijuana derivative products to perform ritual worship in a way Chilam sucked through pipe / chillum, and with drinking.

In some countries, this plant classified as narcotics, although not proven that the wearer Becomes an addiction, different drugs using other types of materials of synthetic or semi-synthetic and damage brain cells, the obvious dangers for peoples.Di between marijuana users, produced a variety of effects, especially the excessive euphoria and loss of concentration for thought among certain users.

Negative effects in general are the users going to be lazy and brain will be slow in thinking. However, it is still controversial, Because it is not fully agreed upon by certain groups that support for industrial and medical marijuana.

Besides claimed as a pain reliever, and treatments for specific diseases (including cancer), many parties Expressed a surge of creativity in thought as well as in the work, especially the artists and musicians.

Based on recent research, this (surge of creativity) is also affected by the type of marijuana used. One type of marijuana that creativity is Considered to assist in the cross modern “cannabis indica” originating from India with a “cannabis sativa” of the West. Type these crosses marijuana growing in Indonesia.

The resulting effect also varied for each individual. There are certain groups who feel the effects that makes them lazy Become, while there are those who Become active, especially in creative thinking and not being physically active such as the effect produced methamphetamine.

Until now, marijuana has never been shown to cause death or addiction. In fact, in the past regarded as extraordinary plants, where almost all the elements on them can be used for various purposes.

This is very Contrary to and different from the effects produced by drugs and alcohol, roomates causes its users up to become addicted to physical torment, and even commit violence, fraud, or criminal acts to OBTAIN drugs that manmade chemicals.

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