From Being There Is what It Is

We were born to be recognized for what it is. Do not have anything but a very great potential extraordinary.

It’s been so much written and living proof that whatever our circumstances in the beginning, it could turn into a great drastically exceptional condition that there WILL.

As a creature with the ability to adapt to a very high level in every state, it is appropriate that we become human beings great and extraordinary. Even the religious scriptures also wrote that human beings are best with everything ready optimized for the benefit and prosperity of the world.

Unfortunately a lot of people out there who gave their lives to fate. As if his life depended entirely on luck. Characteristics always blame circumstances or succumb to any problem that came. Low morale and complaint after complaint that came out of the conversation.

Moreover if the circumstances really a destiny. Example imagine you are born with disabilities without both legs. I wonder what you are doing. Not able to walk normally and different from most people.

Oscar Pistorius who was born 26 years ago in Pretoria, South Africa without both legs. His parents divorced when he was 6 years old. His mother died aged 15 when Pistorius. While the father is not too close to the life that is full of challenges.

In 2008 he had an accident. The boat he was traveling crashed into the dock. His face and his body hit the steering wheel, the two ribs, his jaw and a broken bone that gets 172 stitches in his face. Is completed when Pistorius wants to blame the state of his life. Lots of people like Pistorius who ultimately chose not to take the path so helpless and begging expect the mercy of others. How easy it is exploited our weaknesses. But Pistorius different. It has WILLINGNESS.

With all its weaknesses, it Pistorius ranging from weakness. He started from nothing feet! Working with a company that made a carbon fiber prosthetic shaped “J”. For 3 months Pistorius practice standing with artificial legs. Not to mention the practice run.

With a strong WILL Pistorius finally crowned the ‘fastest feet human no “for having posted a best time of 45.07 seconds in the 400 meters. Great khan?!

Well now if you want to trade places with Pistorius? Of course not it? What can we learn from Pistorius? He has WILLINGNESS to succeed! Keep going forward and keep it from weakness.

There are many successful start with a foothold strength. But many are successful precisely by using weakness. Which one is right for you? Please select. If you are still confused with your edge, it could be start of your weakness is your success path.

Congratulations start! Whether it’s from the strengths or weaknesses? Make sure you have a high willingness to be successful in order to change from what it is to be there ass.