Dietary patterns were torturing Health

Is everyone’s dream to have an ideal body. For that reason they decided to go on a diet. And if you are not careful in choosing a diet, it could be a form of torture against our own bodies.

Here are some types of diet that you should avoid:

The length of Pause Time To Eat

Whether it is running a diet program or indeed accidentally eat too late, that would be too long a pause meal will adversely affect your health. If this happens, then your blood sugar levels will drop dramatically and the body will break down muscle for energy.

But do not worry, you can begin to deal with your eating schedule well. If necessary, set the alarm on your watch or cell phone to remind the meal arrives.

Diet Magic Potion

There is a type of diet in which patients were advised to consume a certain food types, such as apple cider vinegar for weight loss can reduce drastically. Yet according to Dr. Peeke, one nutrition expert, not any one type of food to lose weight instantly.

“Face alone, in order to slim down, you have to sweat through exercise and refrain from overeating,” says Dr.Peeke.

You can cope with the motivation of a healthy diet so that you can enjoy all your weight loss process and not be tempted by the promotion instant diet pattern.

There are many diet which is a form of bullying against our bodies. Therefore we must be careful in choosing the correct pattern, if necessary, ask your dietician before starting a diet program. In essence, the right diet is for the pursuit of health is not just an ideal body shape.

Carbohydrates hostile

Steer clear of foods containing carbohydrate diet is one that many do, but actually it is bad for our health, however, because carbohydrates are among the content needed body for processed into energy. Without carbohydrates, the body will take muscle as an energy reserve.

So that the body does not use muscle as an energy reserve, inadequate carbohydrates your body needs. Complex carbohydrates are the best choice to help you lose your weight and keep your energy level.

Avoiding salt

Diet to avoid eating too much sodium is usually chosen people. Though the body still needs sodium to function properly. Sodium useful in sufficient quantities to maintain fluid balance in body . If you do not consume sodium at all, the body will experience fluid retention, cramps and muscle strength will decrease.

Instead, consume sodium to your diet in sufficient quantities, ie 500-1000 mg per day. Note the nutritional labels on food packaging and choose food you are treated with a good dose of sodium.

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