Decorative Pillows, Home Decorations Change Practical Steps

Want to change the decor of the house without a lot of cost and effort? There is one way to update the look of your home easily and inexpensively, with a pillow.

Decorative pillows to fill the void in the room and easily combined and match with other home accessories. Since it is very affordable and available in various sizes, shapes and colors, pillows are the most appropriate and practical components to realize your dream home decoration.

Quoted from she knows, origin Dallas interior designer, Abbe Fenimore share easy tips to decorate the room by maximizing the utilization of decorative pillows.

“Extra pillows on a bed, sofa or chair greatly affect the appearance and atmosphere of the room as a whole,” said Abbe.

A large variety of shapes and colors, sometimes make us ‘hungry eyes’ and are interested to buy it all. But you need to carefully choose the pillow, one style, shape and size to suit your room at home.

If you paint the walls in your house dominated by soft colors and neutral, choose a rather large-sized pillows with patterns rather crowded and brightly colored. For example, a pillow with a wave motif brings the feel of hip and sophisticated in a minimalist room.

Remember, pillows can be used as components for ‘jazz’ or ‘neutralize’ the room decor. Rooms with patterned wall hangings or rugs full, may require only two medium-sized cushions with plain colors. While the room is minimalist could be playing with a lot of pillows, bright colors or large patterns.

For the living room, you should put a pillow on either side of the sofa, each of the two (if the main sofa is long enough). Place also each of the pillows on the couch were shorter size.

If the family room is not placed bench or sofa, you can put two big pillows on the carpet. Choose an interesting pattern like polka dots, floral, plaid, or a tie if you want to give a little touch of ethnic.

Happy creating!