Tips Remove Coffee Stains on Cotton & Linen

Drinking coffee is delicious. But other issues if you were enjoying the coffee was spilled and stain curtains, bedding, carpet or other home furnishing fabric.

Coffee stains on the furniture of course can make a room appear dirty and ‘seedy’. But do not worry, there are effective ways to clean it.

If you spill coffee on the house-including sheets and garments made ​​of cotton and nylon, here’s how to remove it, as quoted from HowStuffWorks.

1. Absorb spill coffee by tapping it use cloth so the stain does not spread.

2. If the home furnishings stains such as cloth (bed sheets, curtains, blankets), prepare a cleaning solution; warm water and a teaspoon of detergent. Then soak the fabric for 15 minutes. If the object does not allow to soak, rub the stain with a solution with the same immersion time.

3. Remove and rinse with clean water, then rub the sponge previously been given alcohol to the affected spots.

4. Then rinse again with clean water and let dry.

5. Steps 1-4 only first aid so that the stain is not already inherent and permanent. To yield the maximum net, immediately take it to the cleaners or laundry service place.