Tips Remove Coffee Stains on Cotton & Linen

Cleaning the ink stain is quite frustrating chore, especially if it is on the sofa or leather furniture. Take her to the couch where service might be one solution. But if you want to clean up after herself, three of the ways you can try this HowStuffWorks.

One of the most important, immediately clean the ink stain. The sooner, the easier to clean. And the longer it is left, the ink stain is also increasingly difficult to remove.

Method 1
If you recently spilled, wipe the ink is still wet with a tissue or paper towel to dry, try not to spread the ink stains wider. Then mix the liquid soap and water, use water to clean the rest of the stain has not disappeared.

Method 2
Pour alcohol onto cotton, then rub on the taxable portion of ink. Immediately dry it with a hair dryer so that the alcohol evaporates with ink.

3 ways
You can also ‘soften’ the ink stain with hairspray to make it easier to clean. Hair Spray the stain, then rub with a dry cloth immediately. Then wash using a mixture of soap and water.

Alternatively, you can clean using homemade cleaners, as quoted from eHow. The trick, mix 1/4 cup salt, 3/4 cup water, 2 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 teaspoon flour. Stir until the pasta. Use the paste on the stain, by rubbing them with a cotton cloth.