Tips on Choosing Kids Room Furniture

Choosing furniture for a child’s bedroom, it could be a fun thing but it’s also confusing. Sense of fun and enthusiasm certainly arise because we want to provide the best for the child. But on the other hand, children can spend the furniture shopping budget big enough because usually they want something unique and funny shape. You also have to think about safety for the child.

Sometimes, the debate in choosing the appropriate furniture can also occur between parents and children. Therefore, you should take a full day to buy it, in order to get the item you agreed and children, but also the quality. There are things to consider when buying furniture for children, as quoted from Helium.

1. Do not Buy Furniture Themed Fancy
Bed or chair themed fancy such as cars or bear, did make a child’s room more lively and cheerful. But you try to take into account, up to what age the child will love bed, dresser or chair with striking colors and shapes like a toy? Maybe at the age of 5-8 years, they love with all forms of fantasy themed like dinosaurs or robot. But when at the age of 10 years and over, not necessarily they still love it.

So that the furniture can be used until the child got older, choose a classic model or basic neutral colors. For example brown, black or white. Beds classical model more flexible decorated with various ornaments according to age. You can add a cushion shape of animals, flowers and cars or installing cute patterned bed linen.

You can also decorate the bed with stickers or paint a picture favorite. Well, when the age of the child is older, you simply adjust the setting with the more simple ornament. You also do not need to buy a new bed when the child is not going to sleep in it again.

2. Choose Beds That Can ‘Grow’ Kids Together
Perhaps you would be interested in buying a mini-sized bed, because it will look very cute when placed in the child’s room. If your child is 5-8 years old, it might not be a problem. But imagine when she was 10 years old and above. He will definitely grow taller and her bed will not fit anymore.

Buy a regular size bed that can be used for a long time. To keep children from falling out of bed, put the wooden cross on each side of the bed, or stairs to climb and make it easier to get out of bed. When the child is older, you can remove the wooden beam.

3. Security Notice
Of course, the most important thing when choosing furniture for children is safety. Do not select furniture with sharp corners, but rounded. Check each part of the furniture before buying. For example, when the cabinets, doors and drawers should be completely covered but not difficult for children when opened. Shake-shake tall furniture (wardrobes, desks, bookcases) to check the robustness of the items you want to buy. Avoid fringe made of metal.

4. Discuss Child Together
You can invite your child room discussing what he wanted. Ask some brochures and catalogs, and show it to the child. To avoid the demand is too diverse, limit your choices to only 4 to 5 items, especially to suit your budget.