Tips for Home Electricity Payments Not Expensive

Each year the payment of electricity bills just seem to be more expensive. Want to save? Try these tips to pay your electric bill does not swell.

1. When you or other family members to leave the room, make sure the lights are turned off in the room. Avoid using lights that are not needed.

2. Indeed, some of the activities in the house need lighting, to choose the room lights are more energy efficient. Today there are a lot of lights with light enough, but not too big wattage.

3. In the use of air conditioning, temperature moderation by raising the temperature of your usual set. For example, if you normally set the air temperature 20 degrees, change to 25 degrees. By making this change, it is affecting your electricity bill.

If it’s not necessary, do not use air conditioning to sleep, especially in the rainy season. The air was cool, it certainly makes the room cool.

4. If you have an electric water heater for the shower, start now reduce their use. Use hot water for a shower if needed. If the reason for the cold, real cold shower in the morning can make the body more refreshed.

5. Unplug all electrical plugs, such as TV, fan, radio, cell phone charger, which have not been used. If indeed these tools are not used, should not have plugged into the mains.

6. Buy a variety of low-power electronic devices. For example, there is an automatic clothes washer saves water so you do not have to stay long turn the water faucet.

7. Use water used to wash for watering plants in the morning and evening. How it makes you more power-efficient because of the use of tap water to be reduced.

In addition to the above, you can create for yourself how that electricity consumption in the home can save. The key, teach all family members to conserve electricity. Good luck.