Playing Soccer Can Cause Brain Disorders

Sports is one activity that is needed by the body to maintain health and fitness in daily routine. However, exercise can be a very interesting hobby for some people and one of the sports that quite cultivated as a hobby by many people is football, a sport that is touted as the most popular worldwide.

In addition to healthful, football can also be one of a very exciting activity, especially when played with close friends while running a small competition. Sure it will be fun. But in addition to its positive, football proved to have adverse effects on the human brain.

In some studies, we certainly have often heard that a professional football player at risk for severe brain injury. This can happen because of the high frequency of the players use their heads for the ball. In addition, the duel-duel in the air too often end in clashes head that could have resulted in a mild concussion or severe concussion.

However, in a study led by Dr. Inga K. Koerte from Harvard Medical School in Boston, researchers found that the brains of football players will still be affected, even if they have never experienced a clash of heads with other players.

The research was conducted by collecting 12 male soccer players from several clubs in Germany who have never experienced a clash of heads. The brain of the players are scanned and compared with 11 athletes alike pool never experienced traumatic injuries to the brain. The researchers used high-tech machinery resolution diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) that can see the brain in more detail than regular MRI machine.

Through the investigation, the research team discovered that the brains of football players suffered nerve damage. While the players have never experienced a collision on the head, but their brains act differently. There are changes in the myelin sheath that protects the nerves in the brain.

“The research that we do is small, but this is the first study conducted to examine the (brain) football players who do not have any complaints or never diagnosed with a concussion,” said Dr.. Korte as quotes from Time. “We feel this finding is very important, not just for football players, but also for athletes in other sports.”

Head banging is nothing new in the world of professional sports. Boxing and football, are two of the many sports that are considered the most dangerous to the brain. However, the study focused on changes in the brain due to head clashes still relatively new and is still rarely carried out by the researchers.

“Damage to the brain from repeated collisions that have serious implications for health,” said Dr. Jeffrey Bazarian, a professor in emergency medicine. “If the evidence showing the existence of brain damage in football players, then this fact would be a public health issue. But until now, we do not have complete enough information. ”

Although there is no evidence that actually suggests the possibility of interference with the brain, it’s good for you to be more careful in playing football to avoid collisions in the head.