Organizing Tips Kids Room Modern Style

Entering the school holidays, surely you as parents have planned a vacation with family. For those of you who are planning to spend the holidays at home, of course you want to give a new atmosphere for your child to feel at home.

Change the baby room decor is one attractive option. No need to spend a lot of money, but you can give a new atmosphere for him. Modern design for children may seem difficult, given the relatively small age, she may not be aware of the new room later, so what kind of modern design but still comfortable for your baby?

As reported by eHow, try to start with a design that is safe and friendly for the little guy. Before making changes to the project design, do careful planning. List the things your child.

Ask also her ideas and opinions about the design that is approximately liking. For ease, show him some sample pictures of interiors magazines. If all these things you already understand, now you can start with small steps room design changes as follows:

1. Floor
Parquet flooring (wood) is easily cleaned of dirt that fell on it. This type of flooring also provides warmth and comfort for the room. If you want to add the impression of a soft, add a small rug with a simple shape such as a box or round. To choose a carpet color colors or motifs such as stripes or plaid.

2. Furniture
If your concept of modern industrial shades, choose a bed or table lamp with iron or metal accents. Make sure the furniture is free of sharp edges that could injure the child accidentally. The lines are simple and basic of wooden furniture can also bring a modern feel. Types of furniture such as this can be found in a large furniture store or shop online.

3. Accessories
Accessories play an important role to change the mood if you are limited by funds and time. Use colors and shapes are very different for bed linen and blankets. Make sure the color is matching. If you choose blue, then be consistent with the blue color of the sheets to the wall hangings.

On the wall, complete with a photo or artwork dummy so he feels happy and proud of his creativity. Another option is to use a wall to be decorated or painted in a creative form. For this, you can find inspiration for interior design magazines and books.