How to Keep Clothes For Not Easy Unruly

Often annoyed at having to iron the wrinkled clothes again, but you just take it out of the closet? Clothes back tangled when stored in a closet may be a complaint most women, especially housewives.

Why? Because ironing is a job that takes a long time and could hamper preparations to the office in the morning. To prevent re-crumpled and wrinkled clothes, ironing and how to follow the following clothing store.

1. Be careful when ironing clothes. Make sure the ironing board is in a clean state. Set the hot temperatures appropriate for each type of material different clothes. For example, use low temperatures for thin materials (chifon) and high for thick material (wool, cotton). Quoted from Helium, should separate the clothes to be ironed by the heat level. How is that you do not bother to change-change heat settings each time ironing. Start ironing the fabric of small parts, such as the collar, sleeves and folds his hands. After the new board the clothes wider.

2. When ironing, use spray lubricant clothes. Today many lubricant products good quality clothing that can keep the clothes stay slick longer. Spray on clothes just before ironing, and then move the board as usual.

3. Tips reported by eHow suggests hang your clothes, not folded. Storing clothes hanger by hanging using will prevent your clothes wrinkled or creases.

4. Some people think proper storage is folded shirts and sweaters or jackets hanging. But the exact opposite. Polar hang clothes thinner material, for example cotton, nylon, silk or chifon. As for clothing made from thick like a sweater, jacket or cardigan is more secure when folded. Materials are lightweight and thinner tangle more easily than heavy and thick materials. But if possible, you should hang all your clothes.

5. Do not hang clothes too close together. Give a little distance or space to prevent clothes sticking together and causing wrinkled or creased.